Reflective Coloring Tote Bag With Crayons.

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Check out our Reflective Coloring Tote Bag with Crayons! Included with this tote is a 6 pack of crayons, so it’s instantly ready to entertain your little customers as they are able to color right on the bag! Create your own custom coloring bag design, or choose from one of our stock designs! This tote is also eco friendly being made with up to 20% post-industrial recycled material. Perfect for safety programs, restaurants, car dealerships, schools or anywhere children might need to be entertained while they wait. As a bonus, this tote features patented reflective piping accents allowing it to be an added safety feature when being used after dark! Our Reflective Coloring Tote Bag with Crayons is just what your little customers have been waiting for!

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