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Enjoy seeing your Brand’s name in lights? Here’s a few products that will be sure to keep it shining! Our Montara Light Pen offers a unique design with it’s stylus top. Push the stylus to turn on and off it’s ultra bright LED light that shines through your logo imprint. This pen retracts with side slide action button. The UL Listed Nora Light Up Power Bank features a USB output and micro USB input, with included cord, makes charging your device on-the-go simple. An incorporated backlight illuminates your brand or message. Te UL Listed Power Bank with Suction Cups is reverse printed with black ink so your logo can literally shine! Features a USB output and Micro USB input to charge most phones, mp3 players and more! The suction cups allows the power bank to double as a phone stand when applied directly to your phone! The Sanibel Light Stylus Pen offers a push top stylus to light up your logo with it’s extra bright white LED light making your brand the center of attention! With the simple twist action to open and close the pen and rubber grip for writing comfort and control makes this pen perfect for every customer’s need! Let the LED Faceplate Key Chain help you find what you’re looking for with it’s 2 extra bright white LED lights! Slide the switch up to turn its lights on and slide down to light up your logo on the faceplate. Use the split ring to connect your keys or badges.

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